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>> up next to master and political commentator nick adams talk about travels across the state and explains why he thinks this country is exceptional. this is about 45 minutes. [cheers and applause] >> thank you. thank you, diane and thank you, ladies and gentlemen of austin. madam chairwoman,
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distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen and in the great state of texas. [applause] and it's great to be here among so many teachers and friends and i want to give a special shout out to a couple of very special friends. the executive director of this deep branch of the nra. he counsels me, looks after mepy welcome. and kaye thurman, i'm surprised it took them her body. she is dynamic. she soon got the is durational and i'm so happy she's able to be here with me today and we
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reacquaint three years. boy does she have a story. god bless you, kaye. [applause] my new friends, the kraft family hospitality has been flawless and their generosity abundant. and how about diane fulton? isn't she something? she's red, white and blue. [applause] i want to thank c-span tv for being here today and broadcasting this event nationally. i want to thank the historic austin country club, our gracious hosts here todaythey ss of people in this world.
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those that are texans and those that wish they were texans. [laughter] i'm pleased to tell you i recognize a deal to be done. i love texas. it's a repository of success. shelters in the strong arms of christianity. schools and common sense and sequestered in time it's where the cancer of socialism vainly struggles, where it's dangerous humor cannot metastasize, where forces
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and noxious weed cannot take root. where men are men and women are women, where confidence and swagger member of scone. it is a place truly unlike any other. the quintessence of exceptionalism is truly the finest policy anywhere on earth. it serves as the beacon of the west, the ramparts of america from the retirement plan for any right-thinking, free man. i join with you today, ladies and gentlemen on my name to visit to these united states of america. the most daring of human experiments.
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even today it is the incomparable strength, unrivaled innovation and immeasurable greatness, all of which coalesce , all of which amalgamate to produce the most depraved culture imaginable. it is the culture that captured the heart and mind that this australia. it is the idea that shaped these policies and personality. it is the ideal that makes you feel it/should should be sure to present in every 10 years criticism of a niche in to which he doesn't even belong. it is the equation that taught him that everything and anything is possible. it is the nation. this is the land of the
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possible, the land in which men and women are born in and give an opportunity for liberty, where liberties guaranteed. it is the same land that the tennessean teenager, floridian father, maryland mother with a bond under one flag, the train of a better life. free to choose their own happiness, for your risk of how confident is associated to failure. free to speak their mind without the richard duchenne of fellow citizens acting unaccustomed and uncomfortable with those prepared to say what they think, particularly they don't agree. free to reap the award of
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success without suffering debilitating envy and unending sniping of those incapable or unwilling to secure similar compensation. this is the nation of philanthropy, a citizenry of unequal generosity of people with the libertarian spirit and the fact that mentality. a population that wears his emotions on its laser speaks openly of god. a country more dedicated than any other to human achievements and discovery. the land of the free, the home of the brave. it is the nation and idea that man seemed up for, fight for and ultimately lay down their life.
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it is the passion of this country that sees its young men and women lose limbs and spill blood for those they have never even met before for freedom. the mere mention of america freezes the select and kills the bones of men with totalitarian ambitions coursing through their veins. so it has been -- so it must continue to be. you might be wondering why a non-american speaks for america, why a foreigner has dedicated much of his short life to the study and support of this country. these are fair questions.
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the answer to them is simple. with america goes the world. when this nation, this idea is strong, the world is strong. when this nation suffers, the world suffers with it. keeping america strong is the greatest moral imperative of our time. for american non-americans alike, for blacks and whites and hispanics and asians and europeans, for the disabled, elderly, underprivileged and unhappy, for men, women and children of all ages, everywhere and anywhere. for this land they call america transcends borders. it is an idea.
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an idea of elegans that electrifies men and women who desire opportunity to require freedom. it is an idea of egregious and announced that inspired the tyranny to mediocrity and substitute god in government. without america as we know it, the world would be unfree at the mercy of socialism and radical islam. only america stands in the way. mine is a story, possibly dear in this country, only in america. in three short years, the achievements you recognize today ardea quips in the first 25
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years of my life. born to hard-working parents in australia, both with european roots, they gave me every opportunity imaginable. i was a dream child. today with the marvels of technology designed by america, they get to watch these. they taught me to dream. they taught me to never give up. my father instilled in me to never have any master. my mother instilled in me the need to care and protect those weaker than i care they taught me the virtue of confidence, even at the expense of the
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perception of arrogance. the top intimate the most of every second of life and i'm proud to say that it does not as much as humanly possible. i live in australia and traveled to america frequently. if i could move here tomorrow, i would. it may sound strange, but i have often felt that if i were an american trapped in an australian body. [laughter] such as my empathy and depreciation of american culture and a culture of optimism, support. don't get me wrong. i love my country and i'm prepared to pay the ultimate sacrifice for it. i owe almost all that i am to
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australia. it is a magnificent country and perhaps the greatest for those that wish to read lives in color between the length of the appetite for risk or attempting the improbable. while great people, astronauts cannot it be harsh on beyond. when i offered to donate copies of my first book that was published to the library of my university, which happened to be the largest library in the southern hemisphere and i was declined, it hurt me very deeply. when i was announced back for eight and a half years to my old high school after having been
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elected to the local governing authority, it wounded me. when i submitted opinion piece after opinion piece for immediate publication and couldn't get a single break, it's tough. .. from east to west, from north to south, fill my e-mail inbox with
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speaking requests. today, my message of inspiration is being broadcast into the living rooms of over 100 million households right across the continental united states. that's what happens when you put your mind to something. that's what happens when your audience is open and disinterested in reputation or conformist, and committed to individualism and the act of it all. today, we idolize americans we count as true friends. uncompromising and simplistic convictions such as the belief in good and evil, in righteousness and wickedness, and make him a marked man. clarity is the enemy of the highly sensitized and the meek.
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silence even in disagreement is their friend. to them, your and my, our contribution are not only unwelcome, they are intemperate, irritable and inflammatory. from the prairies of illinois to the riverbanks of missouri to right across the length and breadth of this nation there is rightfully no virtue seen in conformity. from an early age, the american child is instructed to characterize submission unaccompanied by struggle as shameful. the only uniform america wears is individuality. for americans understand the simple arithmetic that where group think delivers greater,
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individual drives creativity. we find ourselves today in a culture war. it is waged by men and women to change the way we think, the way we speak, the way we interact and the way we live our lives. they do it for our schools, universities and through our media. it is a war that pits women against men, ethnic minorities against their new homelands. the struggling against the successful. it is the same or that makes the white middle-class educated american guy working 70 hours a week, we can, week out, year in, year out, who is accomplish something in his life feel as if he is resented. it is a board that says judeo-christian values have no
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place in this world. it is a war this is no cultural is better than any other. no one said about his, no one model worth aspiring to. it is a war that encourages, fosters, harbors and empowers radical islam. it is a war whose casualty will ultimately be the western world. mark my words, our war is with these people as much as it is with those whose extremism altered the events of september 11. america is the one hope of the world, the only shield, the only protection. the one bloodline that we must make sure together no enemy can cross. it has the model.
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it has the values. it has to culture. it has the freedom, and it has the constitution. see, america is a conservative idea in a sea of socialism. american values our conservative values. america favors the individual. patriotism and e. pluribus unum the radical multicultural. israel to palestine, christianity to government, capitalism to markets, and where the rest of the world considers only government employees worthy of being armed, america was founded on precisely the opposite foreign premise. and it is these same conservative values, these same conservative founding principles that will see you in the world through this storm.
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i know you are hurting, and i know you are falling behind your own potential. the well oiled has become sluggish. organized in thought that turns to sloppily sourced. shifted to survival, debt is historic. the rise of china concerning. the attacks on your embassies this concerning. exceptional fields like your evening out. you got a piano of all pianos on your back. and right now, even help seems fruitless. i can tell you one thing. my country, in my country, and
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others, everyone has written you off. they say we already live in a post-american world. that america's time has expired, that it's done, that it has mold pashtun no more like to briefly that it is gone, finished. that's what the international media tells us. that's what our politicians tell us. that's what the cab driver will tell you. it's time they say to prepare and realign for a world where america doesn't count. it's time to get with the chinese, they say. it's time to change the way do we see the world. and every time i hear these themes, i think just you wait. [applause] >> just you wait until the
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americans respond to the timeless creed says, coming take it. just you wait until the american -- just you wait until every capture their mojo. just you wait until they elect a new president, one that doesn't aspire to a european model that is disintegrating before our very eyes. just you wait until they step out of their pickup trucks with their shoulders back, their heads held high, and they declare i'm coming back and i'm coming back bigger and bigger than before. just you wait. [applause] i'll tell you this.
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there are so many wonderful americans doing so many great things. you are only ever five minutes away from a renaissance. despair, my friends, is not only unattractive, it's un-american. in this country more than any other, you get to choose the song of your nation and the song of your life. get your song back. put it in your heart as it is in mine, and get your mojo working again. you cannot prepare for defeat and expect to live in victory. shake it off and step up. through adversity comes great opportunity. the information age that saw
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this nation lead the world in a way so remarkable, was led by giants such as general electric, hewlett-packard, ibm, and microsoft, all of which originated in past times. they didn't just hunkered down. they didn't just hang on. they didn't just survive. they went out there and they conquered that storm, and that's what you have to do. anything is possible if you believe and if you have faith. they cannot uproot you. they cannot break you. they cannot topple you. believe your called. believe your chosen. believe you are equipped. believe he can. because you can. you've done it before and you will do it again. listen to this creed.
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do not choose to be a common man. it is your right to be uncommon. if you conceived opportunity, be there to take a calculated risk to dream and build, test fail and to succeed, refuse, prefer the challenges of life to guarantee security, the thrill of fulfillment to the states of calm utopia. do not trade freedom for beneficence, nor your dignity for a handout. dealt cow before any master, save your guard. it is your heritage to stand erect, proud, and unafraid.
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think and act for yourself. enjoy the benefits of your creation, and face the world boldly and declare, i am a free american. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. god bless you and god bless the united states of america. [applause] >> thank you very much. well, ladies and tell him i'll be more than happy to take any questions that you may have. if you seek him or her and diane and let them know you would like to ask a question, i would be more than happy to answer that question as best as i can.
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if you could just do me the courtesy of saying your name and where you live, i appreciate that very much. >> no questions speak as i said it all, didn't i? [laughter] [applause] >> here's one. >> i believe this lady has a question. [inaudible] spent on sherilyn barkley -- i have been to 144 countries as of this minute. and i was just with the australians last month. >> lucky you. >> and they tell me they live and breathe america. that's what they told me spent we do live and breathe america. >> i had no idea. i was dumbfounded. and they also said they love
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obama. >> well, i don't. i don't. >> and so with those comments it makes me wonder how you, at 28, love us so much spent it's a great question, and i think -- >> i love australia by the way. i've been there three times, but i love this country more. >> thank you very much for your questions, and it is a very good question. unfortunately, there are a lot of people in australia, right around the world that considered a resident barack obama to be a good president. considering him to be healthy for the state of the american nation. i profoundly disagree. i believe that america is an exceptional nation and deserves an exceptional president. and my greatest issue with president obama was his
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interview with a reporter what he was directly asked whether or not he believed in american exceptionalism. and his response was rather telling. he said yes, i believe in american exceptionalism, much like i believe in british and a greek might believe in greek exceptionalism. wellies and gentlemen that can only be one exceptional. and it would appear with that statement and with his actions and actions of the administration they have only subscribe to the doctrine of the relativism, that there is no one thing superior to any other. that we shouldn't call or consider one way better than another. not only do i think that is week, i think that is wrong and i think that is not the sign of
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a nation that has done so much for the world and is the model to which every nation should and must aspire. [applause] >> hi. thanks so much for being here. my name is michelle and i have a 20 year-old son who is very interested in politics. i've also worked in the student housing industry for the past 28 years. each year i see our young people become more disinterested and disenfranchised with politics. i admired you so much for being come your 20 and, obviously, you have really come your very passionate about her country, very passionate about politics. what would you say to our younger generation, our college age children that do seem disinterested in america and they lost their desire for
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politics from weatherby democrat or republican. of course, we hope republican. what would you say to those young kids today to get them interested and get them involved in america and rebuilding our nation against the? well, thank you, michele for that question and thank you for those kind words. it is so incredibly important that the next generation of americans understand what is at stake in the world. it is so important that the next generation of americans understand the awesome responsibility that is going to be bequeathed to them. they're going to be the owners of a nation that has so much to offer the world, that can move the world in any direction, they can have the most amazing impact
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on people's lives. and once they understand the magnitude of that responsibili responsibility, that's when really we start have that generation of americans knowing what needs to be done. the next generation of americans need to be told the truth, and that is that america's everything to be proud of and nothing to be ashamed of. that it is the most individualistic, optimistic, patriotic, religious and libertarian nation in the history of the world. and if it is to remain the superpower of the world, then it needs to retain each of those aspects that truly make it exceptional. they need to hear something other than what they hear in their classrooms. they need to hear something
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other than what they hear when they go to their tutorial or university. they need to hear the truth, and the truth has been the casualty of the awful acts of people that have as their objective, as their number one chief goal to weaken america. because if they weaken america, then that's it. they have got what they need. and that's what it is just so in parity that the young people, the people that are going to be bequeathed this nation know what is at stake and know what needs to be done, and knows that they had and that the country has the most incredible founding imaginable. and all they need to do to keep their country great, to keep the country number one is exercise
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fidelity to that bounty. exercise fidelity to the visions of those founders to exercise fidelity to those documents, like the constitution, like the declaration of independence. because that is where america's true genius exists. [applause] >> hi. i'm carla robinson. i have a personal question to you. do you find it a bit odd that america, the republic of the united states, has elected a presidenpresident who is so immn communism from his grandparents, his mother, his father, his mentor, his surrounding aids, and helped make -- i -- that's a
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big question to me how people can support someone with such a strong communist connection. thank you. [applause] >> thank you for the question. i think that it's a question that all of us want to know the answer to. and that's people right around the world that have america's best interest at heart. i must confess that in 2081 president obama was elected, i had never into america. and it's true that i tend to hang out with conservative people. but my feeling is, having been to almost half of the states in this country, and they do know that there are 50 -- [applause] my feeling is that the center of
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political brevity in america is much further to the right than it is anywhere else in the world, which makes president obama's election even more bizarre. the only possible information that i can offer you is having read his books, wanting to get to know who the president of the greatest country of the world was. having read his books, he makes himself sound like a republican. he makes himself sound like a true american. a very cleverly to use of language, through his stories, portrays this idea that he really is just a regular guy and that he's a bill clinton. and he's not a bill clinton. he's not a bill clinton. is a long way from a bill
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clinton. so i think america is also a very divided place. i also tend to spend a lot of time in red states because they tend to be my favorite places to be. but i know that there are stronghold, particularly in major cities and places like that were president obama has an enormous amount of support. so i think that i'd like to be able to say that we can notch that down in the grand era that came on the back of a tumultuous time where america was in turmoil, where people were looking for someone that represented hope, and to his abilities and through his message he was able to sell themselves as something that he clearly was not. that's the best i can offer you, i'm sorry.
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[applause] >> i have one question from someone who didn't want to ask. then will make it through, i wanted to remind everyone that books are for sale over here that he has written because we're going to have to wind this up. and i forgot to announce that this is c-span2, book -- is that right? book? if you want to google it they do have a schedule so, you know, when this is on. is usually shown on the weekends, okay? so here's the question. her question is how can our nation survive within, with a journalistically challenged press dedicated to protecting the election chances of a president and a political party intent on destroying our country? >> i got the same question at this morning. but it's a question that all of
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us, all of us have on our lips, and it's tough. it's really tough. and media in america, the media industry, the media right around the western world is so far to the left it ain't funny. it's lost objectivity. it's lost its luster. it's lost its truth. and that is something that is profoundly disturbing. profoundly disturbing and there's really only one way to do with that. and that is to call them out on it every single time they do it. these journalists are going to universities. they're going to cottage, you know, i doubt many of them would be at peace or from the university of texas here in austin. but there are lots of universities where these journalists are going to, and
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they are being educated by socialists. they are being educated by people, these very people we've been speaking about that want to do harm to america, that don't see that exceptionalism of america, the want america to go down a left path, that can't stand israel. and so we really need to understand where these journalists are coming from. then we can understand why they did what they do. and they do what they do because they are being brainwashed. they are indoctrinated. and that's a very difficult thing to turn. that's a very difficult thing to reverse the tide on. we need to encourage that next generation of americans that journalism is a worthy cause, that they should really look into careers enemy.
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when you get more conservatives in the media. there's no doubt about it. i love fox news but there's also much of fox news you can watch. we want top five or six fox news is, fair and balanced. that's what we want. and, unfortunately, the mainstream media in your country, my country, and right around the world is nowhere near fair and balanced. so let's get a bit of balance in the world. [applause] >> okay, great, thank you. >> thank you, nic. as most of you here now, we donate a book to a local elementary school on behalf of our speaker every month. so this month we are doing, so it is rebel john and tom we thought would be a good one. will be donated in your name to a local school. >> that's very kind. thanks so much. thank you, ladies and gentlemen, of. [applause]
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>> tell us what you think about a programming this weekend. you can tweet us at booktv. , got a facebook or a singing the. booktv, nonfiction books every weekend on c-span2. >> here's a look at some books that are being published this week.
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>> up and next on booktv, "after words" with guest host u.s.a. today's money reporter jayne o'donnell. this week pulitzer prize-winning reporter david cay johnston's new release, "the fine print." in his latest exposé, the best selling author of "perfectly legally" and "free lunch" deals with ways corporations systematically exploit their customers and the government. >> host: it seems to me the basic intention in your book is we're all getting taken by


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